Welcome to Aki-Matsuri/Autumn Festival 2019

Summer has ended and the leaves have started to change color. Autumn is here and The Japanese Association is holding a festival to celebrate its arrival. At the festival, you can partake in activities such as bon-odori dance, water balloon fishing, and Japanese food and fika. You can buy Japanese wagashi sweets from Cafe Koya, bento lunch boxes, matcha tea, and other delicious food and beverages.

Date: September 21st, 2019 (Saturday)

Attention! Saturday this year, not Sunday like last year!

Time: 12:00-16:00

Where: Östasiatiska Museum (Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities)

※We do not accept payment by credit card. Please pay with cash or Swish.

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Program 2019:

Tsumami-Zaiku Shop

Tsumami-zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft that has been used since the Edo-period.

Products are limited.

BY Kanako  Schlichting

Dance Bon-odori with Yukata (summer cotton kimono)

The Japanese associations kimono-club KOSODE Club will be participating for adults and children who want to wear a YUKATA. You can bring your own YUKATA or rent a YUKATA from the association.

Please register by e-mail to kosodeclub@gmail.com before the 15th of September if you wish to wear YUKATA. Please enter “BON-Odori” as the subject .

Make sure to provide age and length for both adults and children if you want to rent a YUKATA. In case of rain, this program will be canceled.

Bon-Odori Dance

Join us and dance the traditional bon-odori dance. Let us dance together to classics such as Tokyo Ondo, Tanko Bushi, and Tokyo Gorin Ondo 2020.

Time: 13:00-13:15 and 15:00-15:15

Get a headstart and start practicing now! See the links below:

Tokyo Ondo:東京音頭


Tanko Bushi 炭坑節


Tokyo Gorin Olympic Ondo 2020



If you are going to attend Tokyo Olympic game  next year as a member of Swedish sport team, please come to join us to dance together at this festival! You are very welcome!

Please note that the pictures taken during the event will be used in JFS’ publications, including Facebook and our newsletter.

The Japanese Association in Stockholm

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